Become immersed in one of the most remote regions of the world. As your Captains expertly navigate amid the icebergs, glaciers and ice floes, they bring you up close and personal to incredible wildlife and otherworldly landscapes. Conquer the Drake Passage and find a moment of reverence in the pristine environment of Antarctica.

Go where few have gone on an expedition to Antarctica. Experience deeper connections with fellow explorers and the environment in this remarkable destination. Choose from our expeditions below, including aboard World Voyager, our newest yacht embarking on her inaugural season in November 2023.


DECEMBER 7 & 19, 2023

Fly over the Drake at the beginning or end of your expedition, and then navigate it the other way.

FREE Private Charter Jet Service between Punta Arenas and King George Island, and between Buenos Aires and Ushuaia
FREE 1-Night Pre-Cruise Hotel Stay
FREE 1-Night Post-Cruise Hotel Stay*
FREE Cultural Immersion: Exploring Tierra del Fuego National Park or
FREE Cultural Immersion in Punta Arenas

*The Drake by Sea & Sky expeditions beginning or ending in King George Island include a pre-/post-expedition hotel stay in Punta Arenas. Expeditions beginning or ending in Ushuaia include a pre-expedition hotel stay in Buenos Aires.



FREE Punta Arenas Immersion



Experience authentic Chilean and Patagonia culture with a three-course dinner at the local restaurant El Arriero. Embark on a comfortable coach that will take you through picturesque scenes of Punta Arenas to your culinary adventure at a ranch-style restaurant.

Surrounded by a genuinely friendly ambiance, a feeling of celebration abounds as you and your fellow explorers become immersed in the country’s culinary tradition of asado (barbecue). Upon arriving and throughout your dinner experience, you will also enjoy a performance of regional folk songs and dances.

With delicious flavors, enticing aromas and the energizing rhythms of Chile’s folk traditions, this FREE cultural immersion is a total feast for the senses.

AUTHENTIC ASADO — Raise a glass with your fellow explorers and enjoy a traditional cocktail, the pisco sour, as an aperitif. The clinking of glass, laughter and passionate conversation create a symphony that inspires a growing camaraderie. Next comes the main course, a mix of typical barbecue dishes, including lamb al asador, the restaurant’s signature dish, and a traditional Patagonian cuisine of lamb roasted over a fire. Alongside your barbecue dinner, you will savor an assortment of salad platters to share with your new friends. The dinner experience winds down with a local dessert to indulge your sweet tooth and your choice of tea or coffee, as well as two glasses of wine per guest.

FOLK TRADITIONS — To enhance the rustic environment as you treat your tastebuds to a delectable, traditional asado, will be a special performance of regional folk songs and dances. A beautiful combination of indigenous and European culture, the colorful costumes, mesmerizing choreography and exciting music are bound to captivate you and leave you in awe. Listen and watch closely, and you’ll realize that a rich history unfolds through the enthralling performance.

FREE Tierra del Fuego National Park Immersion



Before embarking on your exhilarating expedition to Antarctica, marvel upon scenes of subantarctic Patagonia at the southernmost national park, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) park. It is one of many national parks that protects these famous regions.

Journey through Tierra del Fuego’s natural beauty from the comfort of a coach. Along the way you may see some of the extraordinary wildlife that has made the region home. From the Magellanic woodpeckers of the forests to the penguin colony of Martillo Island, Tierra del Fuego National Park offers nature lovers a delightful slice of Patagonia wildlife. The region is home to at least 50 bird species, including the austral parakeet and Andean condor. Eagles can sometimes be seen soaring over the Beagle Channel. Mammals such as the guanaco, red foxes, muskrat and even small South American camel have been seen wandering the landscapes of the park.

If you find yourself with free time, you can follow one of the many hiking trails found throughout the park that cater to all levels of adventurers, including the shorter Sendero Paseo de la Isla Trail to a more advanced hike at the Cerro Guanaco Trail. Whichever route you may choose to take, each offers its own breathtaking views of natural wonders.

HIKING – Follow the Hito XXIV Trail along the shores of Lago Roca, reaching Milestone 24 demarking where Argentina and Chile meet. Or take the shorter path of Sendero Paseo de la Isla Trail around the small fjord of Lapataia Bay, abundant in geese, diving petrels, ducks and black-browed albatrosses. Senda Costera (the Coastal Path) is another hiking option that takes you through scenic views of the Beagle Channel, first discovered on an expedition that included the famous naturalist Charles Darwin. For more advanced hikers, the Cerro Guanaco Trail is the longest in the park and offers a challenging but rewarding path, ending on a panoramic view of the Beagle Channel and Darwin Mountains.

THE END OF THE WORLD TRAIN – Standing as the world’s southernmost functioning railway line, the End of the World Train (El Tren del Fin del Mundo) is one of the most unique ways to journey through Tierra del Fuego’s natural beauty. It’s also one of the best ways to engage with Ushuaia’s history, as it is the former transport for inmates being taken to a remote island turned penal colony in the early 20th century. Transporting you through the Pico Valley, you’ll make stops along the way at Cascada de la Macarena station – where you learn about the indigenous Yámana people and see wondrous waterfalls – into mountains and subpolar forests. The train ride also runs through awe- inspiring sights like Puente Quemado (the Burned Bridge) and Laguna Negra (the Black Lagoon) near the peat bog.

PATAGONIA WILDLIFE – From the Magellanic woodpeckers of the forests to the penguin colony of Martillo Island, Tierra del Fuego National Park offers nature lovers a delightful slice of Patagonia wildlife. The region is home to at least 50 bird species, including the austral parakeet and Andean condor. Eagles can sometimes be seen soaring over the Beagle Channel. Mammals such as the guanaco, red foxes, muskrat and even small South American camel have been seen wandering the landscapes of the park.


As you make the voyage across the Antarctic Circle at the 66th parallel, you join the Order of the Red Nose, the select few who navigate deep into the frontier of The White Continent to make the crossing. It is a feeling of triumph that cannot be beat.


Nicknamed The White Continent for its vast expanse of icebergs, snow and glaciers, Antarctica is often the final frontier for experienced explorers to conquer. As you navigate Antarctic waters, you may set foot on sites like Beak Island, Brown Bluff, Cierva Cove, Hidden Bay and many more. Each landing throughout the continent offers its own unique landscape, from expansive tundra to rugged mountain peaks, all beckoning you to follow the paths that few explorers have trekked before.


Amid the Falkland Islands, also known as the Islas Malvinas, you’re sure to find a variety of wildlife like Magellanic penguins, sea lions, elephant seals and dolphins. As the connecting destination between the Seventh Continent and South America, you will find less ice and snow and more sandy beaches. It’s where the fauna and flora of both frozen and tropical ecosystems come together to create an altogether unique environment that piques your curiosity. Among the notable stops in this archipelago is Port Stanley, a destination with a big, local personality despite its small size. Other possible stops include Carcass Island, New Island, West Point and Prion Islands.


From the extraordinary wildlife found in Gold Harbor, such as elephant seals and hundreds of Gentoo penguins, to the lush scenescapes of Stromness Bay, Salisbury Plain and Cooper Bay, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands offer diverse environments that invite you to discover the world anew. Fields of tussock grass and rugged cliffs offer the perfect hiking grounds to get your blood pumping and be rewarded with impossible views. They’re also ideal locations to bird watch and find the many species of Antarctica, such as the graceful albatross as it glides through the sky.


Part of the greater Antarctica region, the South Shetland Islands contain plenty of wildlife, scenic landscapes, hiking opportunities and magnificent viewpoints that inspire a sense of discovering another world. A possible landing on Elephant Island, named for the shape of its cliffside and the elephant seals that call it home, puts you on the same path as the famous Shackleton Expedition. Deception Island, another possible landing and named for its very nature, is in fact a volcanic caldera where you can find heated springs amid the striking black sands. Other stops could include Half Moon Island, Yankee Harbor, Point Wild and Barrientos Island, where you can find plenty of Gentoo penguin rookeries.

CAPTAIN’S CHOICE – Captain’s Choice landings add to the sense of exploration and an element of surprise. Your Captain takes you to the best areas for wildlife viewing and expertly navigates to remote and hidden landings for a more intimate destination immersion. All Antarctica expedition itineraries are subject to change based on weather conditions to ensure a safe expedition.



Always Included

  • FREE cultural immersion
  • FREE dining venues with ever-changing menus
  • FREE unlimited beverages, including fine wines, spirits and craft beers
  • FREE open bars and lounges, including 24-hour bar service with specialty canapés
  • FREE stocked in-room minibar
  • FREE specialty coffees, teas and fresh-pressed juices
  • FREE afternoon and high tea
  • FREE champagne and gourmet canapés during meet and greet
  • FREE 24-hour room service, including spirits, wine and beer
  • FREE L'OCCITANE bath amenities
  • FREE pre-paid gratuities
  • FREE use of walking sticks and binoculars
  • FREE reusable water bottle
  • FREE butler service and expanded room service menu in suites


  • FREE cultural immersion
  • FREE private charter jet service*
  • FREE enrichment lectures and destination briefings
  • FREE shore landings led by expert field guides
  • FREE escorted sightseeing safaris by Zodiac
  • FREE polar plunge
  • FREE Atlas Ocean Voyages parka and vest
  • FREE use of knee boots
  • FREE private group transfers between airport and yacht*
  • FREE 1-night pre-cruise hotel stay on all Antarctica expeditions
  • FREE 1-night post-cruise hotel stay on select Antarctica expeditions
*Available on Antarctica and select Arctic expeditions


  • FREE cultural immersion includes culinary experience ashore, such as local market visits, specialty tastings and more
  • FREE Josper Grill Dining Experience at 7AFT Grill
  • FREE culinary presentations and wine tastings
  • FREE cooking demonstrations and cuisine tastings
  • FREE events hosted by a Tastes & Traditions Expert on select expeditions
  • FREE Atlas Ocean Voyages backpack
  • FREE use of water toys on select expeditions


  • FREE cultural immersion
  • FREE enrichment programs and workshops on select expeditions
  • FREE authentic, local experiences and on board events on select expeditions
  • FREE Josper Grill Dining Experience at 7AFT Grill
  • FREE Atlas Ocean Voyages backpack
  • FREE use of water toys on select expeditions
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